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  • 12/20/2019

    INDIANAPOLIS — Steve Shaw, a highly respected football officiating and rules expert, has been selected to be college football’s next national coordinator of officials. Shaw, who currently serves the Southeastern Conference and Sun Belt Conference as coordinator of officials, will assume the national role in March 2020.

    “Steve stands out as a leader in college football officiating. His care for the sport and how it is played will be critical moving forward,” said Jon Steinbrecher, chair of the College Football Officiating board of managers and commissioner of the Mid-American Conference. “I’m confident that Steve will move the national officiating program forward and continue to improve our game.”

    Shaw also serves as the secretary-rules editor of the NCAA Football Rules Committee, a position critical to the development of competition rules and policies. Shaw replaces Rogers Redding, who announced his retirement in October after nine years as national coordinator.

    “I am delighted and humbled to be named the national coordinator of officials and to have the opportunity to serve the sport of college football in an expanded role,” said Shaw. “I look forward to building on the foundation established by Rogers Redding in this position and to the challenges ahead in continuing to enhance officiating performance while we work to develop trust in the overall program.  I am grateful for my experience in the Southeastern Conference, both on the field as an active official and as coordinator of officials, and thankful for the relationships I developed in the SEC and Sun Belt.”

    Named SEC coordinator of officials in 2011, Shaw added the Sun Belt coordinator role in 2014, leading a joint program between the two conferences.

    “The SEC has benefited from Steve’s outstanding work as a football official and, for the last nine years, as the conference’s coordinator of football officiating,” said Greg Sankey, commissioner of the SEC. “His leadership, integrity, dedication and passion have made us better and make him the ideal person to serve as the national coordinator of football officials. Through Steve’s work, the process for officiating football has been modernized through cutting-edge communication technology, implementation of instant replay and use of video for analysis and instruction. We are grateful for Steve’s lengthy service to the SEC and are confident he will provide outstanding leadership to college football in the years ahead.”

    Sun Belt Commissioner Keith Gill said, “We are grateful to Steve for his hard work and dedication in developing our Sun Belt football officiating program to be one of the best in college football. Steve’s passion for the game is unquestioned, and we look forward to continuing to support our shared vision to enhance football officiating on the national level.”

    Shaw excelled as a head referee for 15 years in the Southeastern Conference, earning 14 postseason assignments, including two national championship games. Since moving into his role as coordinator of officials, Shaw has been a leader in revamping the sport’s officiating mechanics and advancing the use of technology to assist officials.

  • 10/31/2019

    CFO Membership:

    Please follow this link to a press release regarding the retirement of national coordinator of officials Rogers Redding.

    Redding to retire as national coordinator of football officials (

    Thank you and good luck the rest of the season.

    Ty Halpin
    CFO Administrator

  • 8/29/2019

    This e-mail is the continuation of a sustained educational effort regarding NCAA football playing rules and officiating topics. At the request of the College Football Officiating, LLC Board of Managers, materials will continue to be created and distributed, focusing on playing rules and officiating principles that are intended to enhance the safety of the game. The latest installment is the video at the link below and was prepared by Rogers Redding, national coordinator of officials, focusing on the new penalty for an illegal blind-side block.

    The Board is asking each conference to distribute this video to its institutional media contacts as well as any media lists in your conference.

    The point of this effort it to educate the media and fans not only to the rules, but to the rationale and intent of these policies.

    Thank you and if you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know.

    Ty Halpin
    NCAA Director of Division I Football

  • 8/28/2019

    CFO members:  

    Please follow the link below to see a conversation between Rogers Redding, national coordinator of officials, and Jon Steinbrecher, chair of the CFO Board of Managers and commissioner of the Mid-American Conference. This part of a series the MAC produces and provides some interesting insight and context to football officiating. Good luck as the season gets fully underway.

    Ty Halpin
    NCAA Director of Division I Football

  • 8/20/2019

    Based on the unanimous recommendation of the Mechanics Committee, please find the attached MechaniGrams illustrating the revised kick-off mechanics for a crew of 8 and a crew of 7 that we will move to for the 2019 football season.  These new mechanics were initially driven by the new two man wedge rule, but the Committee feels that this will give us better overall coverage for player safety fouls and routine fouls such as block in the back, holding etc. Please ensure that you communicate to your officials that the yard lines and the zones illustrated are guidelines, and are not set in stone.  If an official has no legitimate threat of a foul in their zone – then they should broaden their vision.  Conversely, if an official views a player that leaves their zone and that player presents a potential threat of a foul, the official should stay with that player.

    Best of luck to all as we prepare for the season.

    Steve Shaw
    Chair – CCA Manual Committee

  • 6/19/2019

    The attached was developed by the Football Bowl Association and CFB150.  It contains many items of very interesting information about celebrating the 2019 season as the 150th anniversary of college football.

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