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  • 6/19/2018

    We experienced an issue while implementing sales tax as a part of our registration process, which resulted in some officials being charged more than once during registration.  The decision was made to close the registration until the issue could be resolved. 
    We have now corrected the issue, and the CFO Officials, International, Massachusetts, and TASO Officials, and All Others Registrations have been reopened.  We will refund officials who were charged more than once. 
    To register, please click the REGISTRATION Tab.
    Thanks again for your patience, and we apologize for the inconvenience.
  • 6/15/2018

    We welcome you back to the official website of College Football Officiating, LLC (CFO)!  Our “central hub” provides a common national platform where we can gather for mutual growth and improvement, as we strive to improve the great game of college football.  Allow me to give you a brief walk-through of the features of this site.

    REGISTRATION is now available, and officials who register with the "2018 CFO Officials" registration will receive a Welcome Packet that includes a 2017-18 Rules and Interpretations Book, 2018 Instant Replay Case Book, and 2018 CCA Crew of 7 & 8 College Football Officiating Manual.  In addition, ArbiterSports and Referee Enterprises will again provide a digital CCA manual app for all NCAA registered football officials.

    On the VIDEO Tab, you will receive your in-season CFO Game Video Reviews, CFO/NCAA Annual Training Video and Instant Replay Training Video for 2018, and occasional topical videos.  All registered officials will have opportunities this season to see plays posted by coordinators from conferences across the country, part of our mission to promote national consistency in collegiate football.  Additionally, all videos can be viewed on Apple and Android mobile devices.

    When available, the CFO/NCAA National Rules Test will be accessed by clicking on the TESTING tab.  An email will be sent when it's open.  This is a great tool for honing your rules knowledge and application.  I encourage you to meet my challenge of scoring 90% or higher (there are 100 questions) in a self-imposed “closed book” test. 

    The searchable NCAA Football Rules and Interpretations book can be found on the RULES Tab.  The database includes rules and case books that basically operate as “e-books” and are searchable.  The database also allows quick and easy reference between rules and their case items (and vice versa), which is a great feature.  I encourage you to make extensive use of this asset, and discover for yourself the ways an online presentation can help you study and know the rules of NCAA football. 

    The ArbiterMobile app is now available at no cost to NCAA registered officials.  Click here to read ArbiterMobile FAQs.

    Please check the central hub often for the latest officiating news and information. Officials should not hesitate to CONTACT us to offer suggestions on how we can best use this site to help you.  On behalf of the CFO’s Board of Managers, welcome to the organization, and have a great season!

    Rogers Redding
    National Coordinator of Officials, College Football Officiating, LLC

  • 5/17/2018

    Mike Slive, former commissioner of the Southeastern Conference, passed away Wednesday, May 16.  Mr. Slive was one of the founders of CFO who early conceived the idea of a national officiating organization and served on the CFO Board of Managers during his time as SEC commissioner.  He had a tremendous influence on college athletics in a vast range of areas.  A solid supporter of football officials, he was a great friend who modeled the kind of integrity that is so important to our game and to all of life.  Mike Slive was a towering gentleman who will be profoundly missed by all who knew and loved him.

  • 4/2/2018

    Thanks to the Big Ten and the SEC who have again partnered in sponsoring a developmental clinic with an emphasis on diversity to provide opportunities for officials who are working their way up.  This year's clinic, at Vanderbilt University, featured classroom work as well as on-field action that allowed the participants to see snaps.  This video presents a good summary of the weekend.

  • 3/15/2018

    Please click here to view Proposed 2018 Rules Changes.

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