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  • 6/30/2021

    Please click the link to view Update on Uniform Patches.

  • 6/30/2021

    Welcome to the 2021 season and to the official website of College Football Officiating, LLC (CFO)!  This past season was like none other, and we faced many challenges as officials and as a country.  I am proud of College Football to find a way to play and officiate safely this past season when many areas were shutting down.  I appreciate the efforts of all officials to be flexible in a very trying 2020 season.  I know we all look forward to a great and hopefully more normal 2021 season so let us take our virtual learnings from last year and incorporate them into our new season to make us even better.

    Our “central hub” provides a common national platform where we can gather for mutual growth and improvement, as we strive to improve the great game of college football.  Allow me to give you a brief walk-through of the features of this site.

    REGISTRATION became available on June 15th, and the response from officials was extraordinarily strong.  Welcome Packets are already going out and include a 2021 Rules and Interpretations Book, a 2021 Instant Replay Case Book, and a 2021 CCA Crew of 7 & 8 College Football Officiating Manual, with a supplemental section for a crew of 6.  In addition, ArbiterSports and Referee Enterprises will again provide digital versions of the three books for all NCAA registered football officials.

    On July 1, the CFO/NCAA National Rules Test will be opened and can be accessed by clicking on the TESTING tab.  An email will be sent when it is open, and it will close at 5PM EDT on July 16.  This is a great tool for honing your rules knowledge and application.  I encourage you to meet my challenge of scoring 90% or higher (there are 100 questions) in a self-imposed “closed book” test. 

    On the VIDEO Tab, you will receive weekly in-season CFO Game Video Reviews.  This paired with our in-season weekly National tests will keep you up to speed throughout the season.  Our preseason CFO/NCAA Annual Training Videos, Instant Replay Training Videos and Preseason National Tests began in May, and we will continue these right up to the start of season.  The CFO site has many tools to help you prepare and be ready to deliver excellence in week 1. 

    All these tools are not only in place to help you improve as an official but will help deliver on our mission to promote national consistency in collegiate football.  Additionally, these tools can be viewed on Apple and Android mobile devices so we can stay up to date from anywhere.

    The searchable NCAA Football Rules and Interpretations book can be found on the RULES Tab.  The database includes rules and case books that basically operate as “e-books” and are searchable.  The database also allows quick and easy reference between rules and their case items (and vice versa), which is a great feature.  I encourage you to make extensive use of this asset and discover for yourself the ways an online presentation can help you study and know the rules of NCAA football. 

    Please check the central hub often for the latest officiating news and information. Officials should not hesitate to CONTACT us to offer suggestions on how we can best use this site to help you.  On behalf of the CFO’s Board of Managers, welcome to the organization, stay safe and healthy and let us all work hard to have a great season!

    Steve Shaw
    National Coordinator of Officials, College Football Officiating, LLC
    Secretary Rules Editor – NCAA Football

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